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Winx Club: 3x05: The Sea of Fear

Wow, am I desperately behind on my summaries. Layla gets her Enchantix next episode, but on air, Bloom's already gotten hers.

We start in the garden, with Layla getting the latest news on the situation on Andros, over imagery of such: "I spoke to my parents and they filled me in on what's been happening on Andros. They were able to take shelter in the royal palace, but even that isn't safe anymore. Spotter planes are watching Valtor's hideout, but they can't do anything to stop him. With each passing day, Valtor's becoming more powerful, and his mermaid minions have taken over the ocean." Bloom says that they have to go to Andros immediately, before having a brief flashback to her own world's destruction.

The 4K dub starts here. We pan over Alfea into the dorm where the girls have assembled.

Musa: "You're OUR friend, and you can count on all of us for help."
Tecna: "But what about our classes? You know we can't just take off. And Miss Faragonda will never give us permission to leave Alfea."
Stella: "It's obvious that you have no experience with this type of thing."

And then, the music goes all "fiesta" on us, as Stella picks out a wool hat and a scarf from her closet.

Flo: "Huh?"
Stella: *cough-cough* "Excuse me, school nurse, I'm afraid I've got a terrible cold..." *sneeze* "Sorry, but I won't be able to..." *cough-cough* "...to attend classes" *cough-cough*
Bloom: "I don't know how things work on your planet, Stella, but no one would fall for that on earth."
Stella: "Just leave it to me. I'll stay and cover for you."
Musa: "Hey, does that mean you're not going to be coming with us?"
Stella: "Believe me, I really want to, but I can't. I'm just too worried about what's happening on Solaria. I might have to go there."

We head into a flashback to her princess ball, and her father sending the guards for her. Stella describes her experience as horrible. No kidding, Stella.

Stella shows a bit of brains: "He had to be under some kind of spell. In fact, I know he was; he'd never treat me like that, and he'd never let Cassandra run his kingdom."

We see some guy lifting a chair for Chimera to sit on. We get a close up of Valtor's mark on their necks.

Stella: "That gold-digger isn't queen yet, but she's already acting like she is. The word from Solaria is that Cassandra and her daughter Chimera have taken over, and are now calling the shots. And King Radius? Well, he is merely doing their bidding."
Layla: "Don't worry Stella, I completely understand how hard this is for you. And you guys, thanks so much, you're such good friends."

The girls hug Layla... and scene.

Later in the dorm, Bloom is saying goodbye to Sky over the phone.

Tecna: "Alright, are we done with our goodbyes yet?"
Stella: "Hmm... just about, yes."
Musa: "Hmm, uh, so are we leaving now or what?"
Stella: "Come over here Winx."

Tecna is holding a nifty gadget.

Tecna: "Timmy and I designed this program that creates small dimensional passages. It should work."
Musa is surprised that Tecna for once ISN'T giving out a absolute guarantee: "It should?"

But nonetheless, it still works. Now, wouldn't it be interesting if something Tecna made or did DIDN'T work?

Tecna: "I'll go first okay? You all follow me."

Stella says goodbye to the girls as they follow Tecna, and decides to execute her end of the plan.

Amore: "Stella, be careful. You've got to be ultra-convincing. The Winx mission depends on you!"

Gee, way to put the pressure on her, Amore. Anyways, Stella dials, and we cut over to the nurse's office, where the nurse gives her the usual "keep warm, get rest" advice.

Nurse: "This is the 5th case of flu this morning. I better notify Grizelda. This could very well be the start of a school-wide epidemic."
Some other random nurse: "That, or there's a big test scheduled for today..."


Stella thinks she's a great actress, and Amore hopes that no one finds out the truth.

Tecna's portal. It dumps them into the Andros royal palace, and hello, Layla's parents. Parents are glad to see Layla, and Tecna says, "See, I told you it would work." Oh, so NOW you're giving out a guarantee. And then she gets beaned. HEH :-D

Layla explains the deal with bringing her friends along to stop Val. Dad: "Really, you shouldn't have come." Dad says Val's putting the whole maigcal dimension in danger blah blah blah. Layla tells dad that they can stop him. Dad: "I admire your optimism and I hope it's true Layla." Fat chance, King Dad.

Dad talks about the planes scouting the portal-slash-hideout, and mentions that Val has dark powers and dangerous allies. Mom tells them that he's ruthless and they must be careful. Bloom says they will.

Over to Val and co. walking through their hideout. Stormy's expression doesn't look out of place as the others talk.

Val: "Everything is going according to plan. (Insert long pause here) Soon the whole magical dimension will be at my feet."
Icy: "And we'll be rid of the Winx once and for all."

That's the entire dialog of that scene. Really.

Back at the ocean, Layla takes note of how terrible things are: "I remember this place was so beautiful. I can't believe what has happened to my oceans."
Bloom takes some of the water: "This water is filthy! This looks like a lifeless sea."

Layla points out one of the mermaids that Val changed into vicious monsters that fight for him. After producing a pair of binoculars with her nifty powers, she points out proof: they all wear his mark. Tecna: "He may be strong but he's not unbeatable. We need to get a better sense of his power and figure out his weak points." Her plan is to try to change one of those mermaids back to see how strong his powers are, and if they succeed they can start to reduce his army. Layla points out it'll still be tough to send him back to the Omega Dimension even without the army, but whatever. Insert transformations here! (I should note here that the original seems to be picking up the US dub's lack of transformation phrase, as the transformations are not preceded with the de rigeur "Magic Winx!" as they have since last season.)

The Winx are using their powers on the monsters. Bloom: "Don't be afraid. We're your friends" Layla: "We WANT to help you." They're not having much luck, though...

Hideout: Val is watching all this, and we can tell that he REALLY hates fairies: "Fairies. They're always trying to help others, and what's worse, they really believe in what they do." Val and co cackle.

The Winx decide to do convergence on one monster. Finally, they seem to be getting results, as the monster changes back to a mermaid.

Bloom: "Look guys it's working!"
Layla: "She's transforming! The spell is breaking!"

Their joy is shortlived though, as Val's spell breaks through again, reverting her back to a monster. Tecna ends up getting knocked into the water and Flo goes to help her.

Musa: "She likes to play rough huh? Maybe some music will do the trick. But it has to be heard at the right volume."

Musa's sound attack makes the monster retreat into the drink: "That was my favorite tune but I guess she didn't like it. Ooh, what a drag ;-)"
Flora: "Maybe you have different taste :-D"

Alfea. Griz walks around. Nova enters Stella's room for an emergency. Stella asks if she's got news from Solaria. Nova says she doesn't have any news, at least not from Solaria, which can only mean one thing... the Griz knock-knock-knocking on Stella's door.

Griz: "Five students with the flu is very troubling. I'd like to see how you friends are doing. Are you alone?"

Griz opens the door, and... the Winx are here? Huh?

Unlike the 4K version, Bloom speaks with her normal voice, as she says, "We're feeling a little bit better, thank you." Flora starts behaving weirdly, like a rabbit, while Bloom continues "A hot cup of tea is just what the doctor ordered." Griz tells them to get some rest and that she'll be seeing them in class in a couple days. Griz leaves.

Nova re-enters: "Did she buy it?"
Stella: "Yeah, I think she did, although Flora was acting a little strangely, a little too rabbity I'd say."

And the girls turn back into their bonded pixies, except for Layla, turning back into Amore, and Flora, turning back into Kiko. Of course. So, I guess Chatta wasn't available then? Come to think of it, a Chatta'd up Flora couldn't have been any less out of character than KikoFlora... And that's all from Alfea for the moment.

Andros. The Winx girls are flying around. In a couple shots, Musa has her old hairdo. Which reminds me of how 4K Musa actually once said she was never going to change her hairdo (and people actually accused 4K of changing her 'do), but I'm digressing. Suddenly, a YOOOGE wave comes and they are forced to double back. Musa's hair is now being drawn correctly. Anyways, the wave catches them and they all get slammed into an island. Layla's beginning to feel guilty about bringing the other girls to Andros and endangering them, and over images of mermonsters lurking in Andros' oceans, Layla imagines the horror that will happen if they don't get the portal closed soon. Girl, you have NO IDEA.

Layla: "I can't just stand by while my people are being attacked by Valtor's forces!"
Bloom: "We won't stand by either. We're gonna use all our power to help."

And out of nowhere, cue yet another flashback to Domino's destruction. We get it Bloom, your planet was destroyed, and you're bitter. And we certainly didn't need those rapidly flashing shots towards the end...

Iris in on Icy. She is holding a flame in her hand. And note that I did NOT underline that sentence. Anyways, Icy is using the flame to light up a few cups in their hideout. Let's run the dialog from both versions side by side...

Icy"They're here to save Andros.""This new power Baltor gave me is cool!"
(Icy cackles as she lights the cups)
Darcy"Acting all tough and courageous.""Valtor gave you a new power?"
Stormy"Valtor is right. They're SO naive.""We know she's his favorite but don't worry. She'll mess it up like she always does!"
Icy"They think they can interfere with Valtor's plans. I don't know whether to call them arrogant or stupid. It won't be long before they see that their spells are useless. I think it's time go and welcome our old friends.""Spoken like a real witch. But true, although perhaps Baltor will be different. Nah, eventually he'll disappoint me. But in the meantime it could be fun. For starters, we can finish off those fairy losers."

And then Val comes out and tells them to go and have a little fun while they're at it.

Considering what will happen (or rather, will not happen) in just a few minutes, maybe 4K should have left this dialog alone. They definitely shouldn't have referred to Icy's flame as a new power Val gave her. (channels Bill Maher) New rule: if you're introducing a new power, you're going to have to show what it can do. Especially in a battle situation. Otherwise, what's the point of introducing it?

And actually Icy, I think that you should call them stupid. I mean, their power-gauging of Valtor consisted entirely of dealing with a mermaid he spelled. Hardly a reliable measure, that. :-)

Back with the Winx. Bloom: "The magic that struck the mermaid is powerful but it can't be irreversible. Remember, at Alfea we learned that every spell has a counterspell." For some reason, I'm thinking of when they learned that every power has an opposite. Tec: "We also learned that to find a cure you first have to know the disease, and that's why we have to face Valtor." Musa: "Well then let's go and introduce ourselves."

Here comes Icy: "Unfortunately you're not invited." This can't be good... The Winx are surprised that the Trix are free. Stormy: "The Omega Dimension is so boring in the offseason." Darcy: "So we decided to leave and visit old friends." Icy: "And destroy them once and for all!"

Darcy: "You can tell a lot about a person by who they hang out with don't you think? Maybe that's why you're all still the same dorky teenyboppers." (HUH. This line wouldn't be out of place in the 4K version, but here... HUH.)

Flora gets stabbed with an attack and Bloom goes off after her. Icy puts out what turns out to be her best line of the scene: "Go for it Bloom, catch her! But be careful not to get your dress wet. If it shrinks any more you'll be in trouble!" Icy also adds, "Hope it's not too hard to fly with heavy wings" as she casts an ice attack on Bloom's wings.

Layla takes on Darcy. The music then goes Charmix on us. Yay, finally.

Erm, never mind. Instead of showing the girls making the smart move and finally transforming into Charmix mode (honestly, if you're facing the Trix, you DEFINITELY need all the power you can muster), we see Bloom use her "maximum" powers to blow up the ice on her wings. Nifty. Meanwhile, Tecna amd Musa save Flo for Bloom.

Bloom vs. Icy. Icy hurls ice spells, Bloom hurls fire spells to destroy the ice. Lather, rinse, repeat. At this point, certain viewers are yelling at their tubes, "Come on Icy, hurl some flames at her!"

Hideout. Val notices that Bloom is very powerful, and adds, "She's not like the others. I can see it. I can feel it. I feel like I've always known her. But is she really?"

Back with the fight. Bloom: "You'd think that by now you'd know how things end when the Trix meet the Winx." And Icy... gets hit. What, no witty comeback? No flame hurling? Uh...?

Like I said, 4K shouldn't have made Icy's flame a new power.

Flora: "Hey, whattaya say we play a trick on the Trix, girls?" Fat chance, fairies. Darcy has powers to sense EVERYTHING. But anyways, Musa will keep them busy and Layla's magic will take care of the rest.

Bloom says that she's neutralized Icy, so Tecna calls her up to help them with the plan. Musa decides to take care of Stormy. Darcy calls the Winx girls dorky teenyboppers as she shoots a spell at Musa. (You know, all this repeated footage is getting tiring...)

Icy fires her ice into the ocean to create a "lily pad" for her to rest on. Uh...?

Layla: "We may be dorky teenyboppers, but you're just wannabes who'll never learn from their mistakes!" Nor, apparently, even use the nifty powers we know they have, as Darcy never senses her coming to tie them up in Morphix. Bloom: "Good teamwork, guys!" Fans: "Bad writing, guys."

(I should note here that 4K reduces the whole bit with Stormy and Darcy to just Layla tying them up. Meh.)

While Stormy and Darcy try very unsuccessfully to get loose, we head over to Icy: "Curse the Winx! They humiliated us in front of Valtor, but they'll regret it!" And so, while the Winx decide to finally meet Valtor, Bloom gets hits with a big-@$$ icicle. Icy: "And now it's your turn Winx!"

Bloom hits the ocean and dramatically sinks to the ocean floor. There is a stone platform underneath, that then raises up to the surface, where Valtor dramatically reveals himself to her, and mentions their little meeting on Solaria. Ooh, dramatic. But now, back to the others fighting Icy.

Musa: "You blasted Bloom in the back! You're a coward Icy!"
Icy: "What about you? 4 against 1, that's hardly a fair fight."

Double true.

Tecna: "A con lecturing us about fairness??? Go back to where you came from, witch!"
Musa: "Yeah, and maybe next time you'll think twice before trying to escape!"

Okay, back to Val now.

Val: "You shouldn't be scared Bloom. Oh, I'm sure you've heard many bad things about me, but you know people do tend to exaggerate."

Bloom recaps what he's done so far and asks "Why did you do all that? What do you want?"

Val: "Hmph. Mine is an old story. I was once powerful and respected, but then things changed, and now that I'm free again, I just want to take back what is rightfully mine. I want to be the supreme sorceror of the magic dimension. And I'm warning you to stay out of my way."

Of course, Bloom's NOT standing for that: "Forget it! You are a criminal."
Val: "No, I just want what's mine. I don't want pain and destruction. No more than is needed, at least."

Back with Icy. Icy shoots attacks at the Winx. Eventually, Musa decides to use magic convergence. HUH, they're bringing back convergence, but not Charmix? Icy just gapes at the attack (I mean, seriously?) and gets blasted right off her lily pad. Whammo! Musa: "And now let's split up and go look for Bloom." They waste no time in finding her and that huge honkin' platform. They see Valtor and start shooting attacks at him. None of them hit Val. HUH. Bloom is grateful for the Winx's arrival.

Val: "The Winx. The Trix have spoken so much about you." (after dodging some Layla attacks VERY easily) "But from the looks of things, I don't think we'll ever be friends."
Me: (Takes "Understatement of the season" ribbon from Flora and gives it to Val)
Bloom: "We DON'T want to fight you. Surrender Valtor!"
Val: "...the flea said to the elephant. Heh-heh-heh, I would have liked to avoid this, but I feel that the two of us were BORN to be enemies. We WILL do battle, but when the right time comes."

Bloom hurls an attack. Val easily quashes Bloom's attack.

Val: "At the moment you're too tired to fight, and I don't like easy victories."

Oh, speak for yourself. This just reeks of lazy writer talk for, "We have to drag this out over the whole season."

Layla wants to fight Valtor. Dude. And being the princess of the realm isn't exactly going to help you either...

Val: "Princess of Andros, prepare to suffer the same fate as this useless world! From now on, whenever your friends look into your eyes, they will be reminided of the high price you must pay when you dare confront the mightiest! The name of Valtor, may you be enwrapped by the eternal darkness!"

The attack blasts everyone else off the platform, and Layla gets the full brunt. Dude, I thought you said you didn't like easy victories?

Valtor has left, and the Winx return to the platform and find that Layla has just been blinded. Bloom promises that they will not abandon her, while Layla has been reduced to a crying mofo.

Hideout. Val: "The Winx are just a memory, and this world should be too. My friends, I'm fed up with Andros. And it's time to leave. We are free now, and we have so much more to do!"
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