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Winx Club: 2x04: Princess Amentia

In a nutshell: Meet Amentia. She makes Lu look like a saint. (Okay, raise your hands if you watched Mike, Lu and Og.)

To recap: They're all on a mission, Brandon and Stella have just fallen into a yooooge pit, and Bloom is like, "Oh my gawwwwd."

As we resume with Bloom and Sky looking down the pit, we hear Layla yell for help. Somehow, there are no other monsters, even though we saw quite a few coming out for Brandon and Layla. Fairy Layla was pinned to the wall with monster spit, and Sky is taking it off, and it appears to be doing some damage to Layla's wings. After he's done freeing Layla (Bloom doesn't help him one bit), Layla hugs Sky and Bloom takes some offense at this. Layla's like, "Hey, I'm just thanking him!"

Back to more pressing matters, they head back to the ledge. We discover that pink lips can't fly, and Bloom's still too weak to even transform, so they have to figure out how to climb down the ledge. Layla summons a small pink ball, and it explodes into a crane with rope. They all climb down the rope, find the remains of the monster that fell with Brandon, and call for the two. They don't see them here, so Sky assumes that they're still alive. Layla notices two shapes in the mist, and thinks it's them... and when they run over to them, they find a pair of boulders. Bloom discovers an underground river, and Sky realizes they must have fallen in there.

They did. And they're just coming out from another waterfalls just now. Brandon covers Stella's mouth as she screams ;) and they land into another underwater river. As they surface, we see that the current in this river is VERY strong. They go over a small fall as Brandon continues to swim, and he swims to the other side of a huge rock and latches his hand on to it. He then sees Stella floating away so he grabs her too.

Stella: "My hair's a mess and I swallowed half the river!" Brandon: "At least it's mountain spring water." HEE! A wave comes over them, and Brandon has to grab Sunshine again, and it appears that he can't hold on to the huge rock much longer. Brandon asks if Stella can transform, and of course not. He realizes there's no way to get ashore, and she doesn't want Brandon to let go. Another wave sends Stella floating down the stream from Brandon, as we head into a detour into soap territory.

Alfea. Riven is sitting on a balcony. Flo is out at the balcony herself, looking at Nerdboy telling Tec that FG and Sal have picked the best team for the mission. Although this is logical, this doesn't allay Tec's worries. Timmy fully trusts the Sky and Brandon.

Back at the balcony, Riven speaks up as he simply reports what Timmy said, and even says that they picked the best team. Flo notices him, and she thinks he should be with Musa. Riven wonders why, and Flo tells him that Musa's worried too. Riven looks over at the nerd couple, and as Flo decides to leave the balcony and apologize for disturbing him, Riven decides to go himself. Flora's like "Hmmm..."

Now that the detour into soap opera territory is over, we return to Brandon deciding to jump after Stella.

Whirlpool! Stella tries swimming, but it's obviously not working. Brandon diving, and man he's good. He surfaces, and manages to grab Stella's hand, as he takes a football shaped tool. He fires a grappling hook and it attaches to a rock. Stella wonders about the current, and Brandon notes the whirlpool. Stella makes Brandon promise not to let go of her hand. He takes the promise.

The rock gives way, the couple gets sucked down the whirlpool... and we now see them passed out on some random beach. We gradually close-up on them in separate shots, eventually ending on Brandon's hand still holding Stella's. Brandon really _was_ bent on keeping that promise, wasn't he? Best shot of this episode!

Back with Sky, Bloom, and pink lips, Sky questions their next course of action. Bloom wants to take a swim because she thinks that Stella and Brandon in danger. Layla thinks that the river is connected to the one that carried her out, as mentioned last time. In that case, they're safe. Sky agrees with pink lips, and thinks they're probably back at the valley. Bloom decides to go back to the surface then. However, although Layla doesn't want to leave them behind, she's got other priorities, like, rescuing those pixies. Sky considers that Stella and Brandon can take care of themselves, and decides to resume with the mission.

Back at the beach. Some freak encounters the two, and notes, "So young, and in love. Isn't that sweet?" There's another freak here, of much bigger build than the first one. Big freak uses his bat to wake Stella up, and she's clearly freaked out. Brandon is up as well, and he rudely asks him "Who are you?!" Cue baseball organ music... SPLAT!!

Okay, now small freak is carrying both Brandon and Stella, while bat freak is leading him. Brandon is on the freak's back, while Stella is being dragged along in a stretcher.

Small asks pauper boy if he knows his crystal, as Brandon insists that he can walk himself. Small points out this is the third time he's tried to escape, so obviously, it's been a while since he got batted.

Stella comes to, and asks if they're still in the whirlpool. As Brandon tries to reassure her, small collapses. He gets up again and points to the crystals. The crystals have had this blue-green glow lately, which means something important's about to happen in Downland. Brandon asks what these crystals have anything to do with it. Small explains: "You see, at the time of our birth, each of us is linked to a particular crystal. The color of your crystal reflects on the events that happen."

And then bat guy yells at him. It turns out small is the only guy who believes in this "idiotic crystal nonsense!" Hee.

Small continues talking about how bat guy, Abrupto, wasn't always like this, and that he used to have a girlfriend who left him (wait for awful pun) rather abruptly. "His girlfriend was very nice, although not nearly as nice as mine." "No, not again! I don't wanna hear about the princess. When are you going to wake up? You keep this up and not even a one-eyed frog would want to marry you!" "So, you're not engaged to the princess?"

He collapses and gets up again. As they continue walking, small goes on an on about her. "I dream of her every night. She's such a lady. She's as pure as an underground stream, elegant as marble, and bright as gold!" Wow, with a description like that, you expect a good lookin' hottie.

Anyways, they're about to see Downland's palace. Niiiice. Stella's skin, by now, has slightly grayed, while the group makes its way on a stone path.

Some room. Through Stella's half-open eyes, we see Brandon noticing that Stella is very pale. We cut to Stella, and indeed she is. Stella says, "I've never felt this bad in my life!" Hey, that's what going into a cave for several hours will do to you, Sunshine.

Small tells Brandon to get an urn of water in the corner. Meanwhile, small conjures up a ball of energy, and passes it straight over Stella. After he does this, small notes that Stella is a fairy, and she asks if she knows from the light ball. (Actually, I can't really tell what she's saying here... who wants to take a crack at it? Line is about 2:40 into this clip.) Small says he noticed from the way she was holding Brandon's hand. Brandon comes with the urn, and small soaks a sponge in it, and tells him to return it exactly where it was.

Small continues caring for Stella, as he mentions her powers are of the stars, the sun and the moon. And Downland power is the opposite, so that means she can't stay here for long. Brandon puts down the urn, and small heads over to Brandon, who's rather bewildered at this, as small moves the urn a bit to the right. "This is where the princess wants it, just like this" "Wow, your princess must be something else." "Oh, she's beautiful. I'll introduce you to her shortly."

Alfea. Musa. Riven. "What do you want?" "Nothing." Musa's not worried, but Riven says, "If I did go, we'd be back already." Because, remember, he's a survival expert, and probably the Chuck Norris of the group. Musa begins crying, and Riven is probably thinking, "Greeeeeat, I made Musa cry..."

Flora watches from a distance, and notes "It's amazing, they're so much alike..." (Um... HOW?) as she then strolls down the wall at Alfea. Kiko hops on the wall, to Flora. Flora stops briefly, and then continues walking. He jumps off and hops over to her. Flora picks him up and pets him, and he jumps on to her shoulder. It just seems sad that a girl like her has to get comfort from her best friend's pet bunny. Well, that's what the producers meant for it at least.

Downland Palace. Blah blah blah, the princess hasn't chosen a husband, blah, small freak thinks his flowers will do the trick. The door opens, and here she comes, but first, tons of good-looking servants. And now, Princess Amentia will see small now. Small has the other two bow. Small adjusts the flowers and sniffs them.

Okay, this is the princess small has been talking about? Her face seems a bit witchy. We finally get a name for small, so I can stop calling him small. Sponsus offers Amentia roses from the abyss. Ammy loves the smell, but apparently, something's not right with the roses.

And that something is... one wilted petal. Seriously. One bloody wilted petal. Out of like seven roses. Sponsus claims he didn't notice, and I don't blame him. Ammy yells at Sponsus for wasting her time, as she wastes like six perfect-looking roses over one not-as-perfect-looking rose by throwing it at one of her servant ladies. The ones adjacent to her laugh. What a neatfreak.

Anyways, Ammy has Sponsus introduce her guests. First, Stella the fairy. And her main impression: "Goodness. Ugly outfit!" Well, it's a hiking outfit. What do you expect? Stella starts bagging on Ammy's outfit, but Brandon quickly stops her.

And now, Boyfriend Brandon. Her first impression, is that he has "such perfectly harmonious features!" And then she also comments he has a perfect face, and Brandon seems to agree that Ammy has a good eye, and that doesn't make Stella too happy. Ammy's decision to make Brandon her husband makes Sponsus, Stella, and Brandon floored, confused, and confused. Well, if you've always dreamed of marrying someone, and she decides to go for a guy she just met two minutes ago, you'd be floored in disappointment too!

Somewhere else in the cave. Pink lips, Sky and Bloom are walking. They've been walking for an hour, and Sky wonders if they're lost, but Layla remembers this passage way. Evil Guy crystal balls the threesome, and decides to give them some company. The Trix and Evil Guy cackle for a good 15 seconds, before we return to Downland.

Princess neatfreak tells Sunshine to get the heck out of here since Brandon listens to neatfreak now, but Stella's refusing to leave without the pauper. Brandon tells Stella to just save herself and get back up to the surface. Neatfreak tells Stella, "See? My sweetheart totally agrees with me. Face it sun girl, you're no match for me!" Neatfreak and pals return to the palace, as Stella starts the long hike back up to the surface.

Inside the palace, Brandon expresses his utmost refusal. Brandon refers to himself as an Uplander, but Amentia gives him a lesson in Downland tradition: "It's the tradition here in Downland. A princess can choose whoever she wants to be the man of her dreams!" "Yeah well for me it's more like a nightmare!" Well said, pauper boy. Amentia tries to kiss her one true love, and Brandon is running everywhere in this small room. He runs up some stairs to the top of this pyramid thing and yells, "Listen! I love Stella, understand???"

This does not deter neatfreak one bit, and she loves a strong-willed man. Amentia starts coming up the stairs, and Brandon jumps off... and yet Amentia is there when he lands. Oh, don't tell me you're going to resort to old-timey cartoon schtick!

Brandon insists she can't marry him because he's not a Trog (um?), but neatfreak tells us, "Here in Downland, a princess' wishes are the law! Come Brandon, we'll be together forever!" Amentia tries to kiss him again, and Brandon evades and runs to the opposite side of the hall from neatfreak... and runs back into her again. Hey, this is Winx Club, not some Tex Avery cartoon! He hides behind a bust of Amentia as he insists, "That'll never happen!"

Neatfreak is not too pleased that he continues to insist his refusal, as well as insist his love for Sunshine. So, she's having the guards bring Stella back to the castle.

Brandon: "Ah, now you're making sense." However, what she has in mind is much different from his. She's thinking about keeping Stella from getting to the surface. However, she's willing to let Brandon change his mind, and I guess since pauper boy doesn't have any choice, that's what he does.

So Stella is not being chased by guards as she continues hiking back to the surface. She's having enough problems already as she's pretty weak without the sun to charge her up, apparently. Okay, in Domino, she was in her fairy outfit for like forever, and didn't seem to have any troubles, despite the lack of sunlight there. Anyways, she walks into a cave, as we cut back to...

Another hallway. The threesome are walking past some dripping water. Layla notes it's a beautiful sound, and Dragonfairy thinks that Musa would love it if she were here. Musa would love the sound of dripping water? Hmm... As Sky points out "It's music to my ears," there are some sounds that shouldn't be there. It's Evil Guy's company. They start running.

We fade to a shot of the sun. Stella has somehow made it all the way back to the surface. And I thought pink lips was the tough one. As she sits in the sun, we can visibly see her skin return to its regular gorgeous shade again.

Running past a puddle action! Running around a corner action!

Stella continues to charge up in the sun. Now, she has enough power to transform. At least they haven't touched Stella's transformation music! Little Miss Sunshine says it best: "Stella the fairy is back!" And replete with her usual scepter and teleportation powers, I might add, as we cut back to more running past a puddle action!

Stella the fairy is back, but not Bloom the fairy, as she still needs more rest, as does Layla. The threesome continues to be chased by shadow monsters. More running around a corner action! This time, straight into a large cave. One of the spike monsters manages to hit Bloom, so Sky draws his sword to defend her. Sky gets some tail.

Layla's thinking "If only I could transform," and then she remembers the light seeds, so she hurls them, and it turns out that there's not enough light for them to grow. Okay, if you're going into a cave, you don't take seeds that require light along with you. Am I right, people?

Anyways, it's lucky for them that Stella the fairy is back, and she's got all the light they need. After hurling a few sunlight-balls at the monsters, she radiates some light and activates the light seeds, creating a few cool-looking crystal trees, and causing the shadow monsters to go poof. KEWL!!!

As Bloom hugs Little Miss Sunshine, Evil Guy is so mad he makes the caves tremble, and everyone's scurrying like mad, as Layla leads the way through a fork in the path.

Meanwhile, Amentia is still chasing Brandon all around that small room. We get it, Amentia is interested in marrying the pauper. Can we move on yet?

Next show: the mission finally gets somewhere.
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