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Winx Club: 2x06: Runaway Groom

Finally, after a month without summaries, here comes another!

In a nutshell: It's time for Amentia's wedding to Brandon, but not if a certain feisty fairy of fashion has any say in this. Read on... and be disappointed.

Recap: Some paladin guy saved the fairies and Sky from the Trix, while Layla freed the pixies, all this while Ammy dragged Brandon in to marriage. Get on with it!

Hallways. Flashlight. It's the fairies, now with the pixies. Nice face from Layla there.

Sky says that he's worried about Brandon himself, but also adds that just blindly marching into the dark isn't going to help anything. We see Stella, and you can tell she's PO'd.

Pigtails asks why Brandon agreed to marry that monster in the first place. Amore says, "They're from two different worlds! Forbidden love!" Oh, gag me. Stella: "Forbidden, yeah, right!"

Sky answers pigtails' question. "I'm sure that Brandon was just playing along to protect Stella..." Meanwhile, Bloom's getting a cramp, and she asks Stella if they can't stop for a second, but she's not sure if Stella even heard her, so pigtails decides to take care of it. So pigtails meets the pig head. Heh. Sunshine apparently refuses to stop for a second. And the feedback sends Chatta flying backwards :D :D :D

Digit says, "Well, Grandpa Terabyte always said there's no use changing the oil while the engine's running." Heh.

Sky threatens Stella: "If you fall in the dark and twist your ankle, I'm not going to carry you." Stella stops. She walks over to Sky. Stella yells at him: "In that case I'll take the flashlight!" Heh. Digit tells Amore: "Good luck Amore, looks like you got the crazy one." Double heh. Amore says, "But it's love, can't you see?" Oh, shut up!

Which brings me to something I forgot to put in my last recap. Does anyone find it odd that Amore, a pixie with a flower on her head, is bonded to Stella, as opposed to a certain fairy who loves nature and whose very name means flowers?

Downland! Two guards are taking Brandon down to Ammy's dressing room. Brandon's hoping that Stella and co. get here soon.

Ammy's dressing room. She has a triangular mirror, two ball things, and a fishbone comb. She's putting on lipstick. She asks the guards if everything is laid out perfectly for the wedding. After they announce that there is a slight delay (making Brandon feel relieved), Ammy declares "Perhaps I have not made myself clear: I expect perfection, at the very least!" Of course you do, neat freak! "I cannot begin to explain what will happen if anything goes wrong!" As Ammy continues, she slaps one of the guards with the lipstick (heck yeah!).

Brandon tries to be disappointed that the wedding has been delayed, while Amentia tries to get a kiss with Brandon. The horror, the horror!

Back with the mission. Sky has the flashlight back again. They're walking, walking, walking, walking... and walking. Eventually, the gang comes to some crystals lighting up the whole cave. One of them even pulsates light, and Blinky decides to check that one out. Everyone's checking them out, and Stella notes them as Downland crystals, so they know they must be getting near. Layla makes that face again, and we watch Blinky glowing in time with the pulsating crystal (she's clearly having fun, but that's pretty much the most screen time she's getting this season), until Layla decides it's time for the mission to keep on going.

And finally, civilization. They've arrived in Downland. Stella realizes that she arrived on the other side of town last time. Hey, at least they're here now. Then Lockette hears someone. Sky sneaks up, and there's a guard coming out of some cave. Pigtails, the bee, Digit and Blinky peek out from around a wall. Amore, Lockette and lavender hair peek out from another. After they watch the guard, lavender hair says, "What unhealthy looking skin." Well, they're underground creatures. What did you expect, lavender?

Okay, the guard's gone, so Bloom decides for the group to get going. She also tells them to stay out of sight, however.

The girls and Sky run to the back of a rock. The pixies fly over. Layla: "GET DOWN!" The pixies go down :D and fly low over to the rock.

A cat is walking in the streets. The guard passes. Street corner. Sky spies on the guard, and the gang needs a distraction. Layla gives Sky a small stone for him to throw, and it makes a noise that gets the guard running the other way, as the gang makes a run for it. Stella trips, while Sky tells the others to hide in a house. The pixies fly in, while Bloom carries Stella inside. The guard is suspicious...

Inside the house. The guard approaches, and Sky tells them not to make sound. Stella makes a pained moan, and Sky winces :D Bloom asks what's wrong, and looks like Stella's getting those dizzy spells again, as Sky hushes them and readies his sword.

The guard passes, but there's no time for them to feel relieved, as they hear another sound at the door. Layla hides next to the door, and Sky readies his sword again.

The door opens... and it's just the frellin' cat we saw a few moments ago! Okay, now you can feel relieved. Pigtails, lavender, Digit, Blinky, bee, Amore and Lockette pop out from their hiding places on the shelf: A saucepan, a teapot, a transparent pitcher, a can, a bucket, a cup with hearts on it, and another teapot.

Somewhere else in town. And now, this is the part where they run through the streets! The teapot, the heart cup, the saucepan, and the can follow.

A woman rants about all she ever does is work, work and more work. Another rants that nothing ever happens around here. Well... there's, I dunno, that royal wedding? Anyways, the pots and pans fly right past them. "Pots and pans, that's all you ever talk about!!" "I think those are your pots!" The women start yelling after them and pigtails tells them to ditch the kitchen gear (curiously, they're all present in this shot): "Every pixie for herself!!" Everyone ditches their stuff except Blinky, who continues flying in her can.

As the women pursue, pigtails asks where Amore is, and Lockette says "I have no idea! I totally lost her... maybe she's with Layla!" The pixies round a corner, and then another. Pigtails says, "Come on! Let's catch up to the others!" The bee adds, "To freedom! Come on, let's move!" And her face magically turns into some reject from Braveheart.

More flying. Rounding yet another corner. She says the road is blocked. Dude, Lockette, that is what we call a dead end. Bee is now back in her usual goggles, but not for long, as she switches to some Doc Emmitt Brown shades, and a quote: "Road? Hmm! Where we're gonna go, we don't need roads!" They fly straight over the wall, and even the can makes it. Finally, they locate the others. Those who aren't flying in a can round the last turn well, while the can bounces off a wall, and manages to land on its end.

Lavender comes out, and the others soon follow. Sky meets them, saying "Hey little guy, what happened to you?" and shakes Blinky out of her can.

A large shadow falls over pigtails. Some large guy with a bat whacks Sky. Bloom comes out, and yells "You're asking for it you bully! I'll teach you a lesson!" She throws a small fireball... and then the guy's bat suddenly comes to life, hits hit a few times, eventually sending flying into a bunch of barrels. Sky gets back up, as Bloom sees guards coming after them, and then she sees another guard coming after Stella and Layla. Time for everyone to show some hustle.

Town. Amore flies around. She comes across Sponsus, sitting at a wall, crying with a bunch of bottles. Sponsus is calling himself the saddest Trog ever, and Amore recommends, "Don't drink grapefruit juice on an empty stomach, you'll get acid reflux!" How naive of you, Amore! Sponsus yells "My love!" and downs some more, er, grapefruit juice.

You know, it might just as well be alcohol. Is Italy suddenly trying to be more kid-friendly?

Amore: "Well, love should be a happy thing, not a sad one." Sponsus: "It was even written in the crystals that we were to marry!!" Amore: "The crystals?" Sponsus: "She doesn't love me!" Amore: "She who?... She who?" Sponsus: "The princess!" He opens another bottle.

Amore recognizes his problem, and she conjures up a nice looking bag. She then takes a flower off her hair, and turns it into a full sized rose, and gives it to Sponsus. (Yeah, I don't get the bag thing either.) "Doesn't it smell nice?"

At the wedding! Brandon is in the palace watching the ceremony take shape, thinking, "I guess the king didn't read my letter of appeal..." while some annoying bird keeps saying "One hundred seven". (You know, if I were Italian, I'd probably "get" why they picked this number... But I'm not even European, so anyone here?)

Brandon rants about his situation to the bird. "Aren't you cute? You wouldn't be so chipper if you knew I was about to go through. ("107") I didn't get a lawyer... Didn't even get a blood test! I can't be sentenced to a marriage like this! But you don't understand that, do you? ("107") I've got to find a way to escape from here, but this place is swarming with guards!"

Some guard opens the door, and he has good news. Brandon thinks that they must have read his letter, but instead, Queen Phota will lead him down the aisle, and she's yooooge!

So Phota asks him if he's ready for the 107 steps. She explains that there are 107 steps from here to the altar, each for the qualities of a good husband. And she drags Brandon along: "Why so glum? Marriage is forever!" Phota then asks Brandon, "Ready to start counting?"

Outside of the palace, Sponsus meanders, and tells Amore that he wasn't even invited to the wedding. Amore flies off and peeks into some room where some of the better looking servant ladies are making sure that there's no stem out of place in the princess' bouquet. Hmm... is that the smell of underwhelming-ness in the air?

As Brandon counts the steps, he hears a bunch of yelling coming from behind the doors. Phota explains: "Their turn is coming. They're to be married to ladies of the court." It's official: Downland sucks.

Meanwhile, Princess Amentia and King Enervos make their entrance at the ceremony.

Brandon heads down the stairs. He's starting to accept that he'll never see the sun again, as he flashes back to his childhood: Brandon eating a cake. Brandon with two girls. Brandon being slapped by one of them. And to the present day with Brandon standing with Sky.

Amentia and Enervos make their way to the altar... and we cut back to an exciting chase! The girls, Sky, and the pixies are being chased by guards. After a while, we cut back to Phota dragging Brandon out to the altar. Dragging him past a crowd, straight to the altar. Amentia wants to kiss Brandon. Overwhelmed at it all, Brandon faints. "The groom has fainted!" Heh! :D :D :D

Okay, back to the chase. Bloom asks why they don't just fight them off. Stella simply tells them "No time! Brandon's about to get married! Keep running!" The guards decide to call "Torino" in with a whistle. Torino turns out to be a yooooge frellin' worm. Er... yeah. Now that is a roadblock.

Back at the wedding. The minister reads from a book. Brandon is up again. There are guards, guards, and more guards, precluding any escape. HAH! Minster: "If anyone opposes this marriage, please address King Enervos." And now, time for some sacred gifts. Brandon is getting impatient, but then he hears some explosion. "YES!" "Some enthusiasm is expected, but don't forget your manners, young man." Heh.

And then, as Brandon is thinking, "That explosion was no accident..." the minister announces that the groom has expressed his consent. Well, there goes your one out, Brandon. While Amentia is busy taking Brandon, we cut back to the chase. Well, it's not really a chase. There's nowhere to go, with Torino in one direction, and the pursuing guards in the other.

Wedding. Now, this is the part where we will present the sacred gifts for Amentia. The flowers of fertility, and the wedding ring. Brandon is getting impatient by the second. And then he spots Stella and co. on a bridge... And then he spots the two guards they're with: one is taking Bloom and Stella, the other is taking Sky and Layla. So much for his other potential out. (And the pixies aren't there, are they?)

Stella busts out of her guard's clutches and looks over the bridge and yells at Brandon. The monarchs wonder what's going on, while Sky's trying to get Stella to do something, anything, to stop the wedding.

Phota wants to put the foursome into a cell, but Brandon convinces Phota that the prisoners are just his relatives. Phota says, "In that case, they can watch, but we'll keep an eye on them. One can never trust in-laws." Enervos is getting tired of all the commotion.

Stella bites the guard's arm, and runs to the side of the bridge again. This time the guard keeps her under check with a huge knife. I'm not kidding. A yoooooge knife.

Meanwhile, the minister is presenting the rings, and the flowers to Amentia. (Brandon: "Stella, please. Please forgive me.") Back on the bridge, there is absolutely nothing the foursome can do to stop the wedding, and they know it. Zilch. Nada. And I was expecting some kind of "The Graduate" redux with them. Amentia smells the flowers. "Gorgeous, I bet they smell divine..."

Back on the bridge. Layla. "Hey guys! Those pink flowers look very familiar..." Except that there is only one pink flower in the bouquet, and one guess to who it belongs to. And I don't think Layla ever saw her flowers at full-size before either. AND it's a bit of a long view from there to the wedding.

Ammy drops the bouquet. The minister asks her, and she replies "It's as if ithe love in my heart multiplied a million times, it's overwhelming!" Well, to me this is underwhelming, since I was completely expecting a 2nd showdown between Ammy and Stella. Color me disappointed.

Ammy starts looking for her love, and Phota asks, "What's wrong with you girl, is this a joke? Your fiance's right there!" Ammy snarks right back at Phota, "Here? Hah! Hah! Why, just look at him, how could I love such an ugly creature???" I second Brandon's "Heh" reaction.

Amore shoves Sponsus on his way. And as Ammy's looking for her husband, some royal guard, I guess, points to Sponsus as he's Benigni-ing on the chairs. Ammy runs straight through the servant ladies, sending them flying off to the sides, on her way to Sponsus.

As the two make their way to each other, it all goes slow-motion-y, we see the shoved servants lying on the ground, and Ammy tackles Sponsus right in the middle of the servant pile-up :D Brandon can't believe everything that's happening right now.

Minister: "This is a marriage ceremony, not a sporting event." Phota: "Hey, lighten up! Haven't you ever been in love?" Phota slaps minister to the ground :D

The crowd is cheering for Ammy and Sponsus, as Amore approaches Brandon. "Hey Brandon! You look great! You were born to wear a wedding suit!" "Don't you ever say that! Not even as a joke! ...Bwa- Hey! And who are you???" Amore turns around, and says, "I'm Amore... the pixie of love."

Back in the sky, the RF plane makes its way home. We're treated to about 30 seconds of plane-flying animation, because Rainbow just loves to show off its style, set to a nice upbeat song ("Crazy for you / For you / The stars and the moon will guide us / I'm crazy for you / For you / It's gonna be you and me tonight / You and me").

In the plane, Brandon is back with Stella, and Amore. Stella's pixie: "All's well that ends well." Who we thought was going to be Stella's pixie: "All thanks to you Amore."

There are bottles on the ground. Riven looks at them, and asks Brandon about them. Brandon says these were a gift from Sponsus. "He felt bad for stealing my bride." Sepia toned scene of Sponsus giving Brandon the juice. "The best juice in Downland" he calls it. And Sponsus also asks him "No hard feelings?" just in case.

Riven: "I feel sorry for him. He'll never survive in the clutches of that monster."

Back in Downland, Amentia is bathing with Sponsus. Sponsus: "This is paradise!" And scene.

I'm feeling a bit ambivalent about this episode. It's nice to see a pixie save the day for once (especially since it doesn't happen for the rest of the season, not that another pixie doesn't try to save the day), on the other hand, I was kinda hoping Stella would get to do something about the wedding, like she said she was.

Next, we return you to your normally scheduled story arc, with Superhunk's proper introduction.

PS, in other news...

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