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Winx Club: 2x10: Crypt of the Codex

In a nutshell: Trouble is brewing not only at RF, but also in Tecna and Timmy's relationship. It's not all bad news though: Sky and Bloom's relationship gets revived, and that's not the only thing that gets revived today.

Recap: Tec and Digit thought that Superhunk had a dark secret, but it turned out to be one of WizGiz's experiments... for now. Meanwhile, Superhunk helped Bloom learn more about her family. But enough about that, let's head over to RF!

Sky is calling Bloom on his phone again. Bloom is blabbing all about Avalon showing her family tree to her. Sky is listening in the RF lift, but he's kind of teed off that Bloom never asks about him, and always hangs up on him. Bloom claims that she was in Avalon's class. Well, Sky asks if Bloom always takes Avalon's calls. She does, but he doesn't say "Uh-huh" when he's talking like Sky does. Sky thinks Superhunk must be her soulmate, and Bloom says, "One of these days, you should try to be my soulmate." Sky fires back with "Oh no, I wouldn't want to come between you and Avalon!" Bloom tells Sky that she trusts Avalon, but Sky recommends that she shouldn't: "I find it odd that he helps you and no one else." Bloom slams into a column, and she tells Sky, "Do me a favor. Hang up the phone!"

RF. Lift gets stuck. Sky gets frustrated.

Alfea. Bloom's not feeling much better herself. She does a Russell Crowe, and Flora picks up the phone. Literally.

Later that day. A pixie crab gets floored quickly as the Winx run past him, and a pixie cat is not impressed. They're heading to their first self-defense class. Stella decides to check out the professor, and she's quite horrified. With good reason. Griselda's in the room. We missed you Griselda!

Griselda tells them that they should know to get to class on time. Stella wonders where their teacher is, and apparently Griselda is the teacher. "Consder yourself lucky. Without a teacher of my caliber, you don't stand a chance against the Trix!"

Evil Guy's Pad. Remember the ending of the show before last? When Evil Guy told the Trix that it would be more effective to strike RF when they weren't expecting it? Well, Evil Guy tells the Trix that the state of alert on RF has been lowered, so it's time for them to strike and get the first quadrant of the Codex at RF. The Trix fly off.

Alfea. Self-defense class. The Griz: "Now, you are up against an enemy much more powerful than you. This enemy has just cast a terribly destructive spell, what do you do?" Musa takes just one second to answer: "Well, we combine powers!" "Huh, too late Musa. You've just been pulverized into oblivion. What you must do is dodge the attack." This will be on the exam.

Sunshine: "Good thing you told us, 'cause otherwise I would have stood there before I finally get hit." HUH. Stella's hands are soon over her mouth, as Griselda says, "Miss Stella, since you already know it all, let's show the others how it's done. You try to attack me if you can." Heh.

Alfea again. The whole class is outside, and in their fairy outfits. Take a good look. The Griz orders Stella and Francis to stand in line. As the two step back slightly (Francis is in a jester outfit for her fairy gear), Stella complains to no end ("All we need are some tacky green uniforms and we're ready for the army... An Alfea fairy deserves a little more respect"), but Griselda just tells her to save her breath for the fight. Stella launches her Solar Attack, and the Griz just absorbs it with her barrier. Everyone is amazed. Stella shoots a Full Power Sundown, and this time, Griselda deflects the attack. It clearly deflects at an angle, and yet it heads straight back to her. Eh? After Griselda tells Sunshine, "You should have dodged it, Miss Stella," she orders the others to attack.

When Tecna unfolds her hang glider, it makes the same sound as my old Windows PC. Anyways, Tecna goes up with a Digital Blitz, followed by Flora and her Floral Whirlpool, and for some reason Amaryl takes part in the first wave of attacks with Flowering Bead (I think), and they all get absorbed. Yeah, I'm surprised that a non-regular got herself involved in this class too. Amaryl notes it's not a regular barrier. Tecna thinks it's an immunity spell.

Griselda then blocks Layla's Power Attack. It's Musa and Bloom's turn, and Bloom says, in a rather unsure manner, "Huh...? Yes, let's do it." Musa attacks with a Sonic Bomb, and Griselda cancels it out with an opposing wave. Bloom is the only one left, and she launches an Incandescent Sphere. The Griz catches it easily. You'd think that a girl with the strongest magic of all would have done better on this. Heck, Griselda does too.

As Flora heads over to Bloom, Tec asks about what spells the Griz uses, but all she replies is "Were you never told to raise your hand before speaking in class?" She adds "If the Trix were here they'd have torn you to bits. Now I want you to think very seriously about what you have learned here today, and save your questions for our next lesson." Flo asks if Bloom's feeling alright, and Bloom does admit that she's pretty out of it today. No kidding. But as you'll see, it appears that she has some issues on her mind as well.

Alfea. Night time. Flora and Bloom are in their PJs, and they're discussing Bloom's personal issues. More like Bloom's discussing her own personal issues. "Ever since Avalon came here, Sky's been acting weird, like he's suspicious of me. I'm starting to think that he doesn't like me anymore. Every time he calls me he seems angry, and he becomes so critical. I don't get it, how can boys be so selfish???" Bloom grabs Kiko as she continues, "Sky can't stand Avalon, even though he's the only one who can help me find the link to my birth parents. I don't want to see Sky anymore." Flo asks Bloom "Don't you think Sky might be a little jealous?" Bloom: "Jealous? Flora, I have no idea what you're talking about. Really! There's nothing to be jealous of." Bloom hugs Kiko, and I don't think Kiko likes that hug too much... Honestly. (channeling Avril Lavigne) Avalon is a guy, Bloom is a girl. Can it get any more obvious? You think Flora would have brought those basic facts up, but then again, she's the only girl without a guy (okay, there's Layla, too). The point is: Sky doesn't like it that she's hanging out with another guy a lot, and to paraphrase the Griz herself (although from last season in a different context), any excuse she can come up with is irrelevant. Sky's supposed to be Bloom's man, and no one else. 'Kay? That, my friends, is what he's jealous of.

Told you she's got issues.

The next morning at RF. And look who just showed up again. Icy declares "At last, the moment we've all been waiting for," as we're shown a close up of Icy's Gloomix. It's time for the Trix to do some real damage, as they conjure up a yoooge sphere with mock Hebrew floating around it. In the RF building, Sky is holding his phone, and he has no shirt on. I'm sure shirtless hunks have a place in cartoons... I just don't know if this is one of them. HEE! Brandon asks something like "So Bloom doesn't want to talk to you, huh?" Brandon finishes up his exercise as Sky gets an answering machine message. "Bloom can't come to the phone right now. You may leave a message after the tone, but not if it's you Sky." HEH! Sky: "Magic makes automated message systems so frustrating." Double heh, as Sky does his own Russell Crowe.

Out at the balcony, Sky launches into his own rant about Bloom as Brandon follows. "Girls are so selfish it's unreal." HUH. He continues to rant so much, he doesn't notice the Hebrew sphere coming. Brandon tells him to get out of the way as it fires. Sky informs Codatorta of the attack, as we cut to Bloom, Tecna and Flo making their way to RF.

Bloom is glad that the other two are coming along. "I'm sure all you and Sky need is direct verbal contact." "Easy for you to say, you and Timmy never argue, and you know how he'll never let you down. Sky on the other hand shouldn't even be given time out of Red Fountain." HUH. And then they notice the Hebrew sphere. Flora immediately guesses who's behind this, and they hurry off.

The sphere continues to attack RF as a male voice blares over the speakers informing the Specs of the attack by an "unidentified object" (hey, that's what it calls it). Meanwhile, KEWL CG!!! as a squadron of fighters led by Sky and Brandon flies out to take down the Hebrew sphere. While Timmy's busy typing away, Codatorta's telling the two to lead the enemy fire away from the school. Okay, I see one of the fighter planes emerging from the clouds, and technically speaking, it just looks wrong. As I said, always double-check the animation.

Timmy analyzes the sphere, and it has massive potential. It's holding back electromagic power. And yes, I'm directly quoting Nerdboy on this. Riven comes in, and says that he recognizes Darcy's style anywhere (given that for half of last season he was slumming with her, no surprise there): The sphere's just a ploy to distract them. Codatorta expects that the Trix are headed for the basement where the Codex is, and calls the senior guard to the Codex room to be ready for battle. He also calls first-year Specs to mount their dragons to defend access to the lower levels.

The sphere has stopped attacking, and Brandon and Sky are told to position themselves over the lake. Meanwhile, the girls have arrived at the control room, with Helia (HAAATE!) introducing them. Timmy greets them and Codatorta tells the girls to sit tight and let the Specs handle it. Bloom looks a bit skeptical, as Codatorta orders the dragon riders into a radial formation for reconnaissance, and asks Brandon if he notices anything suspicious. Brandon doesn't.

RF arena roof. Here comes the Trix. Icy sends an Ice Storm, and Stormy follows with Reigning Thunder to make a hole in the roof. While Bloom's watching the Specs and teachers working, she realizes this is no time be angry with Sky. Timmy finds a gaping hole in the arena, and Codatorta knows who that is. He immediately gets everyone to go use whatever means necessary to stop them. Bloom, Flora and Helia (HAAATE!) head over to the lift on the left, while Tecna heads to the other lift on the right, stopping to ask Timmy if he's not fighting, and she's disappointed that his place is at a keyboard, as Riven runs past in the background. Somehow, Riven runs past Tecna to Bloom and Flora's lift, where the lift opens to reveal... Sky. Huh? Riven tells Sky "We don't have time for a lovers' spat."

Back with the Trix, Icy knows exactly where the Codex is, as Stormy shoots a random door. A lift stops, meaning that Sky will be a bit short-handed on backup, you know what I'm sayin'? Some random Spec hands Riven a sword. A bunch of Specs (and the three girls) chase the Trix. Riven has a random Spec named Spencer come along. Once again, I'm surprised that a non-regular is getting into the action too. Anyways, they run up some stairs. Spencer wonders where they went, and an Icy attack sends them to the ground. Riven takes his sword and runs for them and gets hit by Stormy. Sky sees the carnage and the Trix fly off. Sky informs Brandon that they're headed for hangar G4. "Can we get air support?" "It'll be my pleasure, lover boy!" LOVER BOY?!?!

Hangar. Stormy wants to destroy the armory and Darcy says they don't have any time for this. Of course they don't. Brandon's here. He and his green sword prove of minimal trouble though, as Darcy and her three clones make short work of him with Spheres of Midnight.

Here comes Sky and the girls. And the girls transform for battle. Icy and Darcy leave the others to Stormy. Tec misses with her shot, and Stormy knocks everyone down with some Chain Lightning. Tec is knocked with her hang glider wings, but lands on the floor in her folded wings (hey, you come up with a better name). Helia (HAAATE!) tries his glove, and Stormy jumps out of the way. Not so effective, no? "Nah nah na na nyah!" Hateful Helia decides to take care of Tec, while Bloom, Flo and Sky continue to chase the Trix. And watch Flo take to the air.

They're running through the halls as Nerdboy radios Sky to tell him that the Trix are nearing the Codex room, and tells Sky to go straight for it. Sky takes a shortcut by opening a lift shaft, and climbing down the cable, while Tecna has caught up with the other fairies by now, and is flying down the shaft with them.

They exit the shaft, and Flo spots Stormy. Flo attacks with a Floral Whirlpool, and Stormy counters it just like the Griz did earlier, plus Stormy zaps Flora to a wall. Flora tells the others to go on, and Bloom promises that they'll be back in no time, ain't that sweet?

Codex room. Guards. Scales. It's snowing. Here come the Trix. Three-way spell!

Halls. Tec asks Sky what they're after. Sky only says it's something important. Cut to Bloom being all "Hmm..." after he says "You just gotta trust me." Bloom seems to be lagging a bit behind.

Guardsicles. Scales. Trix. Still can't figure out why Icy didn't make guardsicles two shows ago, but whatever. Icy tells the others that these scales are the key to the Codex. Stormy offers to do it her way, and Darcy says, "Go ahead, smash stuff, it always works." Stormy blasts a Mega Lightning Storm at it... and the scale just retaliates, zapping Stormy back into a wall. Darcy's all "Stormy, brilliant as always," and Icy says, "Anyone could have guessed that it's booby-trapped." Heh.

The two get to the real problem. Darcy looks at a bunch of objects that have just appeared out of nowhere around the base. Those objects are: a football shaped plate, a big crystal, a robed figure, a feather, a small round plate, a long staff, a sword handle, a sword blade, a roll of paper (a diploma, I presume?), and a pen.

So they have to balance the scales with one of the objects. The objects trigger lethal traps, except for the correct object of course. Stormy gets back to the others, clearly with a bit of pain, as Darcy notes that the counterweight is heavy, so the stone is a logical choice, but she thinks it's too obvious, so she's taking the feather... and giving it to Icy, all, "Hey, it's your show". "You're a backstabbing coward Darcy. And I like you for that." Blech! Icy gives the feather back and tells her, "Go ahead, put the feather in, or I'll cut you into tiny ice cubes!" Just then a boomerang comes in and pries itself to a column. Yep. Sky and his posse are here. Darcy is suddenly not holding the feather, as Icy dodges Sky's sword and zaps Tec with some Black Icicles.

Bloom is flying towards Darcy, making a shield with her powers. After she unshields herself, she takes a shot at Darcy, and Darcy dodges. Stormy tells Darcy, "Leave her to me!" as a ball zings past her. Alright, it's Nerdboy! Stormy sends Tornado Thunder and puts everyone bar Sky in a corner. Sky goes for Icy. She dodges and zaps Sky down at point blank range. Darcy says "The power of the Gloomix makes this almost boring." You're telling me, Darcy! There are only so many times I can type about everyone getting knocked down over and over.

So anyways, the fairies and other guys are all out cold. And Icy probably would want me to cool it with the cold puns (HEE!), but anyways, she has the feather now, and she heads to put it in... and then she looks at the counterweight, and realizes that the stone refers to the weight of RF. She puts the feather back, and runs down what the things around the base could represent. "Phyiscal weight, moral weight, magical weight, weightlessness, economic weight, social weight, military weight, the weight of knowledge, and the weight of communication."

Icy notices the boomerang, or that's what the shot makes us think. "The Specialists are masters of weapons. It must be the sword, but that would be too easy. Now Saladin's a wizard, it could be the crystal." As she reaches for the crystal, she notices the robed figure next to it, and grabs it instead. "That pompous Red Fountain attitude, the moral weight. Unreal, I had to follow the path of morality! Well, I guess the ends justify the means." She puts the robed figure in, and strikes gold. The chamber opens, and the Trix walk down. In the chamber are the Codex quadrant, and one of the pixies who was at the meeting with FG a few shows ago. This is the one with the red hair.

Back at the scales, Bloom has come to, while the others are still out. Dragonfairy sees Sky out and runs to his limp body.

Icy uses her ice powers to freeze the casing around the quadrant. Red-head pixie casts a spell that creates horrible sound around Icy. To Darcy, it is just a minor annoyance, as she just uses her usual powers to go behind her and daze her in like two seconds flat. Darcy: "Sorry little bug, did I hurt you? ;)" Stormy: "How did you do that? You were so fast..."

Okay, now that they got the quadrant, there's one more problem they have to deal with. A shot zings past Stormy. And it looks like Timmy's got the drop on them (even Tecna seems to think so). Meanwhile, Sky is still out. Timmy looks at it for a second, and turns his attention back to the incoming witches. Icy's like, "Look who's trying to be a hero!"

Timmy notices that with their new powers, the Trix can't be beaten. Of course Nerdboy could sacrifice himself... but it would make no difference, especially when it's 3 on 1. When you consider that Icy might as well just put Timmy in an ice coffin without batting an eyelid, I don't blame him for not taking out any of the Trix with that gun of his.

That doesn't change the fact that Timmy is a coward in Tecna's eyes for just letting them go like that. Ouch. Hey, Tecna, weren't you the same person who wanted to fight the Trix to save Stella because it was a 4 on 4 situation? Now, you're bagging on someone who won't fight in a 3 on 1 situation. Hypocrisy, much?

Back with Bloom. Still shocked that this has just happened. Flora, having apparently just made it to the room, runs over and grabs his hand, and discovers that he has no pulse, as the Trix are making a flying getaway, cackling. Double ouch.

Bloom's angsting, "This can not be the end" for the next 15 seconds (which is probably 10 seconds too many, angst wise)... and as she's grabbing Sky's head, her hair flies upwards to form some sort of flame. Her hair color even fits too. Tec, Flo and Nerdboy are watching. Timmy says, "It's from within Bloom. I've never felt such powerful magic!" Sky's limp body glows with a reddish hue, and his eyes open. Flora is amazed. "Bloom actually made a miracle happen!" Bloom faints and gets up again, and we close up on her, but shouldn't she have a crown on her head? In fact she doesn't have it for the rest of the show. Bloom couldn't be more glad to see Sky alive, and she hugs him, and Sky says, "I've been stupid" as he hugs her. Ah. And... scene.

So to recap:
RF Codex quadrant: taken.
Timmy/Tecna: totalled.
Sky: revived.
Bloom/Sky: also revived.
Main plot of the season: full steam ahead.

Really! Who would have ever thought that the 2nd least problematic relationship (behind Stella/Brandon) would suddenly now have more problems than the 2nd most problematic couple (behind Musa/Riven)? Such boggles the mind...

Next, having earned RF's quadrant, Evil Guy tries for the pixie village's quadrant.
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